Our new range of Time Zone Signs offer a unique product that features many different colour combinations, a choice of two sizes and two fonts in a 3D finish. These modern gloss signs are ideal for the contemporary office or home where you require a selection of time zone plaques to match your chosen clocks and your decor.
There is no better product on the market that offers so much choice and quality.
Our signs are manufactured at our factory to order and come in 6 colourways, gloss white, gloss black, gloss silver, mirror, gloss brass and gloss red, you can choose any of colours as a background or lettering, if you see we have photographed some of the most popular combinations on this page.
Each sign has a high tack adhesive to easily fix into position, also a very small V to denote the centre of the sign to help line up with the six.
As to size s
mall is ideal for clocks up to 35cm diameter, where the large version is for large clocks 35cm diameter and over.
Please select your sign size and complete in:

Custom Field 1: Country name/city name

Custom Field 2: Your letter colour

Custom Field 3: Your background colour

Custom Field 4: Your font, the choice is between Verdana or more traditional Perpetua, see picture for font design

Each sign and font size is based on SAN FRANCISCO, if longer time zones are ordered we might have to change the size of the font, if so all signs would be made proportional.

Please note, delivery time is the maximum you should expect. Please read the custom fields guide - click on the question mark for any questions.