WEEE Compliance  

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (or WEEE for short) directive came into play on July 1st 2007. It’s a government legislation that ensures the correct disposal of all Electrical goods and prevents them from being deposited on Landfills. Every year the UK throws away around 2 million tonnes of EEE, and by complying to the WEEE legislation the UK is hoping to significantly decrease this figure.


Both distributors and end users of EEE have a responsibility to make sure that all EEE products are disposed of in the correct way, which is why we have added this page to our site to explain both what you can do as the consumer and what we are doing here at Decoish Home as the distributor.


The idea behind the WEEE is to enforce re-use and recycling of electrical products, and reduce the risk of environmental damage. The WEEE legislation also prevents the hazardous substances present in EEE products from harming humans and the environment.


All of the EEE products we sell on this site will be marked with a wheelie bin logo which looks like this;      

This symbol is used to represent that when the product has come to the end of it’s life-span it should not be disposed of in your household bins, and in fact should be disposed of in accordance to the WEEE legislation.


There are two ways this can be done:


1. The consumer can look up their relevant local recycling areas and dispose of the EEE there.


2. As the distributor it is our obligation to offer to dispose of the EEE product for you. We can do this for you via our “Take Back” service. Our Take Back service entitles you to post back your old non-working EEE to us for disposal. We will in turn dispose of the product at the nearest Approved Authorised Treatment Facility, and re-fund your postage costs.


Our Take Back service works on a like for like basis, so we can only accept your old and non-working EEE when you are purchasing a replacement from us. Although the new replacement you are purchasing does not have to be the same specific item, we do have some restrictions. The EEE which you are replacing must also be returned to us within two weeks of receiving your new product.


If you are interested in using our WEEE Take Back Service please send us an e-mail to: sales@decoish.co.uk

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