Some amazing soft home furnishings, including rugs and cushions from unique designers Dreamweavers. Each Dreamweaver design range has a very unusual 3D appearance, which makes these gorgeous furnishings stand out from the crowd.

These cushions are part of the spiky range, and come in a selection of beautiful colours - classic taupe,(taupe and brown) cappuccino ( cream and browns) and Rain Cloud ( Taupe and cream). The cushions have a soft velvet style finish across the back, with a zip opening which allows for easy removing of the cover.

The front of the cushion is what makes the impact. It continues with a velvet feel, but is actually made up of a series of 3D pockets of the material shaped like rounded spikes, which have been stitched on the base cover of the cushion.

A real wow factor piece of design with great originality that is still subtle enough to work in any room in any home!

Made and designed by Dreamweavers